What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a new way of enabling our community to determine the future of the area where we live and work. It is the opportunity for us to take planning into our own hands for our local area.

As a community-led plan for guiding future development, growth and protection within the Parish…

  • It can cover the use and development of land taking into account social, economic and environmental issues.
  • It can be as simple or as complex as needed/wanted but must pass an independent examination.
  • It must be developed in consultation with residents, be compliant with local and national policies and supported by the community.
  • Once in place its policies are legally binding and form part of the Local Plan for West Suffolk

Worlington Parish has and will continue to change over time. Previously, we have had limited opportunity to influence change but now by putting in place a Neighbourhood Plan the entire Parish, young and old alike, can decide how we want our village and environment to develop. Through the plan we can influence what, where and how development happens by taking into consideration the needs and aspirations of the community.

What Can the Neighbourhood Plan do?

  • Decide where and what type of development should happen.
  • Include policies on design standards.
  • Identify areas for protection.
  • Set out improvements or additions to facilities and services.

What Can the Neighbourhood Plan NOT do?

  • Prevent any development taking place or block a specific proposal.
  • Conflict with existing current statutory policies (e.g. Local Plan)
  • Be prepared by a body other than a Parish Council or without community support.

Why Do We Need Contributions from Residents?

Your views, ideas and priorities will form the foundation of the Neighbourhood Plan. By contributing, you can make a real difference to the future shape of Worlington both for current and future generations. See the Getting Involved! page to see how you can contribute.

For more information on Neighbourhood Plans and the process of producing them see the presentation by Ian Poole, a planning consultant, given to the Working Party on the 24th March 2021.