Sunnica Energy Farm Proposal


Worlington Parish Council are part of the Parish Alliance (PA) and are in support of The Say No To Sunnica Action Group (SNTS)

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Sunnica Ltd has submitted its proposal for a massive 2,500 acre solar farm situated across the borders of West Suffolk and East Cambridgeshire.

​If approved this would be the largest solar farm in the UK, if not Northern Europe and will have a significant impact on the local environment, both during construction and operation of the scheme.

The scheme would stretch around 15 miles from start to finish, affecting 16 parishes and towns, segmenting communities along it's path.


Hearings Feb 2023

Click the link to see the agender for the upcoming hearing Hearings-timetable-Feb-23.

If you wish to attend in person you must register via this  link by 23:59 Monday 30th Jan 2023


Informational links

Say No To Sunnica

National Inferstructure Planing

National Inferstructure Planing timetable

A film that outlines the scheme planning process

Below are site maps produced by Sunnica Ltd. 

Sunnica Whole Scheme Layout Sunnica-Energy-Farm-Scheme-Layout-2022

Sunica Site Layout WORLINGTON Sunnica-Energy-Farm-Site-map-2022

The National Inferstructure Planing Examination Hearing DEC 2022 

Issue Specific Hearing 1

Issue Specific Hearing 2

Issue Specific Hearing 3

Open Floor Hearing 1

Open Floor Hearing 2


Worlington Parish Council, West Suffolk Council 

Worlington Parish Council Dead line 4 Submission Dead-line-4.pdf

Worlington Parish Council open floor hearing open-floor-hearings.pdf

Worlington Parish Council Written Representation 2022 Written-Representation

Worlington Village Questionaire responses to consaltation Feb 2022 - to follow

Worlingtons response to consaltation Dec 2020 Response-to-Sunnica-Consultation

Worlington Village Questionaire responses Oct 2019 Worlington-Village-Sunnica-Questionnaire-Results

Worlingtons response to consaltation July 2019 Response-to-Sunnica-consulation