Landscape Appraisal & Visual Amenity fee’s – Worlington’s Contribution!

In December 2020, the Joint response from the four councils, (Suffolk County/West Suffolk/East Cambridgeshire/Cambridgeshire County) to the Statutory Consultation made many negative points about the visual appearance and design of the current proposed scheme.

  • The Parish Alliance’s proposal is to have an appraisal carried out, on the appearance and effect on the landscape, for the whole scheme. The Parish Alliance has identified a Chartered Landscape Architect to carry this out; Michelle Bolger, a qualified and experienced Landscape Architect will produce images of the affected area with the proposed installation of solar panels, batteries, fencing and screening. She will also advise on how effective the screening will be and how long it will take to establish. This is to try and ensure that the scheme has the best design possible, if it must happen. This will be one of the most effective actions against Sunnica, it will be a visual statement showing the full impact of this proposed scheme.
  • The cost of the survey report and the cost of the Architect attending the Examination Hearings to answer questions about the report, is quoted as £25k. The Parish Alliance has suggested dividing the cost equally among the 8 member parishes, and has requested £3k from each.

WORLINGTON PARISH has an annual Precept of £14,793; meaning we would use 20% of our annual budget if we contribute the £3K. The Parish Council would like the opinion of its resident’s as to whether they wish their Parish Funds to be spent in this way.



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Sunnica - Worlington Parish Council Response to Statutory Consultation (22nd Sept - 18th Dec 2020)



Say No to Sunnica Campaign

The statutory consultation for the solar power plant is imminent, and is sue to be held  between 22 September and 18 December 2020, Click Link for Consultation Public Notice Link 1

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We are looking for volunteers from Worlington to form a village specific team to support the next phase of the campaign.

We need to enlist support from within our village to raise awareness of Sunnica’s Statutory Consultations, undertaking the various tasks necessary to ensure that the Sunnica proposal is fully scrutinised, duly considered and that the views of the village are fully represented.

The team will represent Worlington, link with neighbouring village teams and will support the already established Community Action Group.

Anyone interested in being an active member of the Worlington team, please contact –


Subject: Sunnica Energy Farm: statutory consultation

We are now holding a statutory consultation between 22 September 2020 and 18 December 2020. We are consulting at a time when it is not possible to meet in person, due to health and safety requirements for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We have put in place a detailed package of measures to ensure we can continue with the consultation. We remain very aware of how important it is to make sure that anyone in the community who wants to find out more or share their views on the proposals can do so. We are providing a range of ways to do this.

 You can find out more by:

 Reading a consultation booklet summarising our proposals and explaining how to take part in the consultation. We have also attached an electronic copy to this email. The booklet is also available online at:

  • Viewing a virtual exhibition on our website:
  • Joining online webinars we will hold about our proposals. These will include presentations on specific topics and will offer the opportunity to ask questions. You can find the dates of the webinars and details of how to register at our website,
  • Booking an appointment to talk to us individually about the proposals by calling 0808 168 7925 or emailing We will offer the opportunity to speak with members of our technical team if you have questions about specific aspects of our proposals.
  • Viewing consultation documents, including the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEI Report) and the Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC), on our website:
  • Contacting us directly with any other questions by calling 0808 168 7925 or emailing


You can respond to the consultation by:

  • Completing a questionnaire online at:
  • Completing a copy of the questionnaire and returning it to or Sunnica Consultation, FREEPOST reference RTRB-LUUJ-AGBY, c/o Newgate Communications, Sky Light City Tower, 50 Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5DE. We have attached a copy of the questionnaire, which is also available at
  • Responding in writing to or Sunnica Consultation, FREEPOST reference RTRB-LUUJ-AGBY, c/o Newgate Communications, Sky Light City Tower, 50 Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5DE


Responses must be received by the consultation deadline of 23:59 on 2 December 2020.


We would be happy to discuss the scheme with you in more detail on freephone 0808 168 7925 or by email at

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sunnica is a proposal for a new energy farm connecting to the National Grid at Burwell. Located across sites close to Worlington, Chippenham and Snailwell, it would have the potential to deliver up to up to 500MW of renewable energy – enough to power approximately 100,000 homes. Due to its generating capacity, the scheme is classified as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). The scheme is being brought forward by a team of industry experts. Sunnica Ltd is a joint venture between Tribus Energy and PS Renewables. 

If you have any questions please contact us directly on 0808 168 7925 or   Email: or FREEPOST reference RTRB-LUUJ-AGBY, C/O Newgate Communications, 50 Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5DE

Parish Council Consultation Response December 2020

Parish Council Questionnaire Results

WSC/SCC Joint Briefing Note & Revise Site Layout Plan Sept 2019

Parish Council Consultation Response July 2019

WSC/SCC Joint Paper on Non Statutory Consultation Response

Community Leaflet

EIA Scoping Report

Site Plan

Slide Show

Some useful information below:

Sunnica’s Preliminary Environmental Impact Report  Available to view by appointment, upon request to the Clerk; 

Sunnica website -

National Infrastructure planning website - https://infrastructure.

A well presented film that outlines the scheme planning process -